The battle between Birdy New Classic and Birdy City

Enjoy going on an adventure or getting in some exercise but hate walking? Birdy bikes aren’t just a series of foldable bikes, they’re a lifestyle that’s ideal for those who prefer not to walk on their adventures. When folded, Birdy bikes are small enough to fit almost anywhere. Thus, it’s simple to incorporate the Birdy bike into your lifestyle. With optimised geometry, our Birdy bike frames provide increased stability and responsive feedback when cycling, similar to that of a road bike. If you’re a beginner cyclist, fret not! Let me introduce you to the two entry-level bikes from the Birdy series – the New Classic and City

These two bicycles are good for daily commuting on public transport, park connectors and also road pavements. If you are looking for a lightweight foldable bike with optimised performance, these bikes are for you! Both the Birdy New Classic and Birdy City weigh 10.9kg and have a full suspension system at the front and rear, providing riders with a more comfortable riding experience and making the bumpy road feel like an airport runway. 

Beginner Cyclist

If you are new to cycling, these are 3 simple questions to guide you in selecting a suitable bike: 

  1. Where do I want to ride? (On-road, off-road, both)
  2. How much do I want to spend? 
  3. Are there any ‘must have’ features for me? 

By answering these questions, it helps you narrow down your options, stay focused and avoid impulsive purchases. It is also important to ensure that the bike is suitable for your riding style for a comfortable cycling experience. 

New Classic Vs City 

Many have been asking about the difference between the Birdy New Classic and a Birdy City. So how do you differentiate between these two entry-level foldable bicycles?

Birdy New Classic 

Let’s start with the Birdy New Classic – one of the top bicycles on collectors’ lists. 

The Birdy New Classic is the most affordable option in the Birdy series and costs $2,050.


The Birdy New Classic has a round tubular frame that gives off a vintage retro vibe. A fun fact about the Birdy New Classic is that it has a similar design as the original Birdy, which was designed in 1992. The Birdy New Classic has been redesigned with improved functions such as a more rigid frame, internal cable routing, and a 19-degree handlebar for optimal performance. Thus, the Birdy New Classic retains the vintage look of the original Birdy bike with its circular and cleaner body. while performing like a modern folding bike. 


With the Birdy New Classic, you are given the freedom to cycle however you want with the Shimano Acera 8 speed derailleur. 

So what is a derailleur? Derailleurs are like sprockets (the jagged teeth on the chainwheel) that drive or are driven by a chain. When a rider pedals and operates the lever, it changes the cable tension which moves the chain-guide from side to side ‘derailing’ the chain onto different sprockets. In short, the derailluer allows you to change speeds swiftly and ride comfortably on different terrains. 

Caliper Brakes 

Unlike other modern bicycles, the Birdy New Classic uses the traditional caliper brakes that provide a good balance between the stopping power and amount of power applied. It is perfect for cyclists looking for a good set of brakes due to its good stopping power, low weight, and simple operation. 

Not only is it easier to maintain bicycles with caliper brakes, but it is also inexpensive to replace them — riders can simply remove and replace the brakes when they are worn out. 

Birdy City

Moving on to the Birdy City — a modern bike fit for road and park connectors.

The Birdy City is an entry-level bike retailing at $2,650, which is also the most affordable Gen 3 Monocoque frame from the Birdy series.

Fun fact: the Birdy City was given its name because of its suitability for urban cycling on the road and park connectors. 


The Birdy City uses a Gen 3 Monocoque frame which has a modern and sleek design. With the triangular cross-section of its mainframe, it provides a well-built stable body that is suitable for different terrains. 


Similar to the Birdy New Classic, the Birdy City allows smooth transition between gears. With the Shimano Sora 9 speed derailleur, the Birdy City has an additional gear that allows riders to cycle faster. 

Disc Brakes

The Birdy City uses disc brakes, which is a modern brake that reduces wear on the wheels. The disc brakes allow for more precise braking, making it less likely for the wheel to be locked up. There is also no delay in braking with the disc brakes, making it safe to cycle even in wet weather conditions. 


If you prefer a more personalised bicycle, you can upgrade and customise your Birdy City for optimal performance. As a beginner cyclist, there are four parts you can upgrade: 

1. Handle Bar – for a comfortable grip 

2. Pedals – for optimal performance with lighter pedals

3. Saddle – for a more comfortable riding experience 

4. Tyres – for uneven and rough terrain

So which Birdy bike should you get? 

Ultimately, some may prefer the Birdy New Classic while others may opt for the Birdy City. It all boils down to your personal preference. If you prefer an old-school bike with the vintage look, you can opt for the New Classic. Should you prefer a modern look or wish to get creative and customise your bike, you can get the City. Either way, you’re guaranteed to have a great experience cycling these bikes!

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