The History of Birdy

It has been 20 years since the initial release of the Birdy. Development began with a review of the fundamentals of “run” and “fold”. What do you need to fold faster and more compactly? 

The answer was to design everything from scratch. The concept is “DNA change”. The goal was to further heighten each item as much as possible while keeping the character evaluated as “the best overall balance”. A sense of rigidity is improved, and another level of driving stability is achieved. The performance of the Birdy has evolved into the strongest riding partner for everyone.

The New Frame

The successive Birdy has been seasoned like a mountain bike in an upright position that is easy for everyone to handle. The New Birdy monocoque will be the third generation of Birdy. To achieve a faster and more stable run, the BB height was lowered by 15mm and the chain line was shortened by 2mm. By changing the design closer to that of a road bike, the centre of gravity was lowered resulting in overwhelming driving stability.

In order to reduce the folding size of the main frame, the part for storing the tire was cut to the limit. The front fork is equipped with a disc brake, and all of the modeling, manufacturing method and structure have been completely renewed with the aim of significantly increasing rigidity.

Built for Safety & Performance

A typical road bike has a BB height of 270mm to 290mm, Mountain bikes are around 300mm. The New Birdy monocoque is designed to be 279mm, which is in the road bike range. We succeeded in significantly lowering the centre of gravity to greatly improve the cornering stability.  

At the same time, consideration is given to safety. In accordance with European standards, the lowest point of the pedal is designed not to interfere with the ground even when the bicycle is tilted 25 degrees during cornering. The rear swingarm is designed in a complex shape with a hydroforming method. The slim arm design not only increases rigidity but also contributes to size reduction when folded. Experience the new possibilities of folding bikes with the New Birdy monocoque.

Making the Birdy your own

The Birdy brings about endless possibilities. Because it can be folded into a compact size, it can be brought almost anywhere to ride on any terrain. In addition to such high base performance, Birdy is highly customisable to make it unique for each individual. 

It is possible to pursue even better driving by incorporating commercially available high-spec parts such as transmission, brakes and suspension coils to make your Birdy perform even better and to your needs. With more customisations, the Birdy becomes more and more personal to their owner, creating a unique bond between man and bike.

Creating the Fold

The new Birdy monocoque has improved driving performance by increasing rigidity and lowering the centre of gravity. The beautiful frame design actually hides another big surprise. The ability to fold the Birdy into a compact, easy to roll size. It is designed to downsize the folding size of the bike by 15% compared to the previous models while not giving up riding performance of the Birdy.

The main frame was dynamically scraped off on both sides using an advanced hydroforming process. Furthermore, the rear swing and derailleur were reviewed and made narrower to accommodate the new folding movement. This design perfectly combines the two opposing functions required of a folding bike, making it truly innovative.

The Record Folder

No other folding bike in the world can be folded as quickly as the Birdy. Of course, you have to practice a few times until you can do it with ease. The fastest folding time for the Birdy is 4.9 seconds. Its folded dimensions are 80cm x 62cm x 34cm. In addition to its fast and compact folding capabilities, its quick, sporty riding abilities make it one the most impressive folding bikes on the market.

Unbendingly Flawless

A folding bike without a hinge on the frame? Not only can it be done, it can be done so in style while still keeping functionality. 

The pivot points of the suspension act as the pivot points for folding the bike, the Birdy achieves the same frame stability as a normal bike. Another advantage of this is that it makes the Birdy very lightweight.

Maintains a deep relationship with the road

Only a folding bike with true full suspension keeps contact with the ground on poor roads and keeps you in full control. The active rear swing arm has favourable pivot point position and optimised anti-dive front wheel suspension form the core of the Control Technology. 

They ensure better road holding and safety at high speeds and in tricky situations. The immediate advantage is the back-sparing riding comfort. Vibrations and hard knocks like those experienced on cobble roads and kerbs are significantly diminished.

Perfect for everyone with no compromises

The height-adjustable stem and seat post, both with flip-flop length adjustment, means that the seat position on the Birdy can be adjusted to rider heights from 1.45m to 1.85m. This allows it to adapt to every riders comfort preferences. The large diameter of the stem and handlebars, as well as the quadruple clamp, ensures maximum rigidity and stability. This gives the Birdy the riding characteristics of a normal bike.

The feeling of high rigidity transmitted at the moment of grasping the handlebars makes me forget that this is a folding bike. The smooth and comfortable acceleration that stimulates the heart as you step on the pedal. The flexible high-speed riding range by the front and rear suspensions. Handling is extremely sharp with respect to weight transfer and delivers excellent cornering performance. As you go down steep downhill terrain, you can feel the safety and quality of the high braking force disc brakes. Everything on the Birdy is built for the pleasure of smooth, tight control.