Our Story

When we think of foldable bikes, we think of commuter bikes made with the idea of being brought around town, to accompany us through our daily routine. But for some of us, we want to break out of the urban jungle. We want to go to open stretches and speed along, we want to bring our bikes with us off-road, but we also want our bikes to be a part of our everyday lives.

That’s where Birdy comes in. It has all the parts that make up a great sporting bike, and compacts down just the same to give us that portability. Birdy also holds the world record for being the fastest bike to fold, taking only 4.9 seconds. Of course, it takes practice to get used to that fluidity, but the design makes it generally faster to fold than any other bike.

Designed by German company Riese & Müller, the Birdy is now sold worldwide. It is manufactured by Taiwan's Pacific Cycles, who also brought you the popular CarryMe folding bike and CarryAll folding tricycle. It all started in 1992, when co-founder Markus Riese had a new idea for a folding bike. Before that, he and Heiko Müller, the other founder, were close friends who met in university and spent their free time converting bikes and optimising them to their own ideas and designs. Markus realised that if a bike was given full suspension, then the points of rotation could be used for folding as well.

In April 1993, Heiko read about the “Hesse Innovation Prize”, and decided to produce an aluminium prototype in 10 day and night shifts. The bird-like properties produced while riding, thanks to the full suspension, inspired the name ‘Birdy’. The design brought home the special prize, and became the push that “Riese & Müller” needed to start up.

In that same year, Markus and Heiko set up stands at Europe’s two biggest bicycle trade fairs in Germany: Intercycle in Cologne and Eurobike in Friedrichshafen. With further development and first production ideas in mind, Markus and Heiko went on a quest for manufacturers that could bring Birdy to the world. A bike manufacturer told them, “I want to build this bicycle!”. After June 1995, Birdy became available in Germany, Japan and USA. That model became known as the Classic, built with a circular cross-section of the main frame rather than the new triangular style.

Other than the Birdy Classic, several other models were released. The 9-speed City offers a well-rounded ride to those who cycle daily. For the adventurous, there is the GT, a 10-speed off-road bike. The speedsters can look forward to the R20, a 11-speed racing bike. A 14-speed touring Rohloff is available for those looking to travel miles. 

Each one of these are made to be extra sturdy and relentless, so the frame wouldn’t bend around while you ride even though it is a folding bike. Each is also equipped with full suspension, front and rear, so your ride is smooth and easy to go on for long stretches. The adjustable stem and seat post are flexible to the rider, from heights 1.45m to 1.85m, adapting to an individual’s comfort preferences. The large diameter of the stem and handlebars also ensure maximum rigidity and stability, giving Birdy the riding characteristics of a normal bike in a compacted size.

With each model there are 17 available colors to choose from. Your bike will be customised to your preference. Whether it’s going on holiday and exploring new cities with you, going on biking trips, or even just your daily mode of transport, the Birdy simply opens up when you need it, and folds into your storage space when you don’t. You can also choose the degree of your handlebar, whether it stands at 10º or 21º. You can even choose a Lowrider or Carrier to go with it, both of which are designed to fold with your bike.

Integrate the Birdy into your life, and let it ride with you.