What to buy: Birdy GT and Birdy R20?

When it comes to choosing a bike of your liking, pick one that fits your cycling style. The performance foldable bike brand - Birdy, carries six models, each with features that makes it different from the others. The Birdy GT and Birdy R20 are familiar to the general public as they are the 2 most common Birdy Bikes that people own. If you are deciding between the two, there are a few factors that you can look at to help you make your decision. 

Birdy GT 10-Speeds

The Birdy GT is the only Birdy model suitable for light trails.

The Birdy GT is the only Birdy model suitable for light trails. 

The Birdy GT is similar to a traditional mountain bike in terms of its looks and feel when riding. This performance foldable bike can do light trails at areas such as Coney Island and Rail Corridors. It is perfect for people who are thrill seekers and adventurous!

Equipped with Schwalbe Black Jack tyres, the Birdy GT is the only Birdy model that can do light trails. The knobbly bits on the tyres minimise possible punctures as the wheels roll over pebbles and small rocks along the light trail routes. 

The Birdy GT uses the SRAM X5-A1 derailleurs to shift through the 10 speeds. It offers a smooth shifting experience, enabling riders to maximise the efficiency when riding on the bike. 

The Juin Tech semi-actuated hydraulic disc brakes provide a reliable braking option, which is vital for cycling on light trails. It is more responsive because of the hydraulic system in the brakes. Safety on the Birdy GT will be ensured, giving the rider a peace of mind when riding. 

Overall, the Birdy GT can be considered an ‘all-rounder’. It can travel along pavements and park connectors, as well as light trails. The opportunities that the Birdy GT presents are seemingly endless!

Birdy R20 11-Speeds

The Birdy R20 looks and rides like a road bike.

The Birdy R20 looks and rides like a road bike. 

The Birdy R20 is similar to a road bike in terms of its style and functionality. It is ideal for the ‘speedster’ among us. This is the only Birdy model to have a 20-inch wheelset, hence the name ‘R20’, short for ‘Racing 20-inch’.

The Birdy R20 has the 20-inch Hubsmith wheels. It is extremely lightweight and provides aerodynamic benefits due to the deep section of its wheels. As a result, the Birdy R20 is able to pick up speed quickly, making it an exceptionally fast bike. Accelerating on the Birdy R20 would be an easy feat due to the larger 20-inch wheels as compared to other Birdy models which have 18-inch wheels!

Together with the slick Panaracer Minits Tough tyres, this pairing gives the rider a run for his money! The slick tyres reduce the rolling resistance of the bike, minimising drag that is picked up when cycling. This will be an added benefit for a faster ride on park connectors and roads. 

However, cyclists must be more cautious in the event of wet weather. The smooth treads allow for good traction on dry and flat roads. Wet roads, on the other hand, would render the tyres extra slippery. The slick Panaracer Minits Tough tyres do not have grooves, which helps remove water from the tyre contact area. Therefore, grooved tyres are usually the go-to choice for an all-weather ride.

The Birdy R20 uses the latest Shimano 105 derailleurs to shift through 11-speeds on the bike. Shimano 105 drivetrains are commonly used as standards on road bikes nowadays. You can be certain that the shifting process will be efficient and dependable.

On the Birdy R20, cyclists can enjoy a lightweight and fast ride due to the components installed. Easy to pick up speed, the Birdy R20 is the bike for people looking to push themselves above and beyond. 

Things to Consider when Choosing between the Birdy GT and R20

1. Type of terrain

The Birdy GT at the Rail Corridor.

The Birdy GT at the Rail Corridor.

The type of terrains that the Birdy GT and R20 are best suited for differs vastly. 

The Birdy GT can be used on light trails, such as the Coney Island and Rail Corridors. The Black Jack tyres increase traction on uneven grounds. Furthermore, it minimises the possibilities of punctures from pebbles and small rocks. For people who like to venture into rough terrains, the Birdy GT is the one for you. 

On the other hand, the Birdy R20 performs the best on long and flat routes like the Tanah Merah Coast Road. It is able to accelerate quickly, covering longer distances with the same effort applied on other Birdy models. The Birdy R20 is recommended for people who want a fast and nimble ride experience.

2. Weight 

If the weight of the bike is your concern, the Birdy R20 would be a better option.

The R20 weighs 10.2 kilograms without pedals. To enable it to pick up speed quickly, the R20 is fitted with lighter components. This ensures that the bike gains an edge over other models in terms of speed. 

The Birdy GT comes in at 11 kilograms without pedals. It is fitted with more heavy-duty components, which is especially important when doing light trails. As a heavier bike, the GT is more stable than the R20, giving riders more control when they do light trails. 

3. Size

Comparing the size of the two bikes folded and unfolded, the R20 would naturally be bigger. This is mainly due to the difference in the wheel size – 20-inch on the R20 and 18-inch on the GT. In spite of that, there is only a slight difference in the size of the two bikes.

4. Price

The GT comes at a price of S$3,050 whereas the R20 retails at S$3,850. The $800 difference is a result of the different components fitted on the bikes. At a higher price point, the R20 has better components than the GT. 

For performance foldable bikes that come at a  higher price point, it is guaranteed that the bikes are of great quality providing riders with the best riding experience. 

5. Where to buy your Birdy GT or R20?

Mighty Velo’s new Experience Store at BreadTalk IHQ.

Mighty Velo’s new Experience Store at BreadTalk IHQ. 

When purchasing performance foldable bikes are of such calibre, you would want to approach reliable sources. 

Mighty Velo is the place to go! We are the official distributors of Pacific Cycles in South-East Asia, carrying over 17 frame colours for Birdy Bikes. There will be a colour for everyone to choose from. 

On top of that, we can be found on various social media platforms including Facebook, Instagram and Carousell. We perform speedy replies and excellent after-sales service. To book a test ride, you can message us on our Facebook!

We are no longer located at the Lavender Street store. Our new Experience Store is at 30 Tai Seng Street, BreadTalk IHQ #02-14, S(534013). We are open from Mondays to Saturdays, 10am to 7pm. We are closed on Sundays and public holidays.