Birdy Foldable Bikes: The History of Pacific Cycles

Folding bicycles have been a convenient form of transportation for a long time. Many cyclists prefer getting a folding bike in Singapore as you can roll them onto the MRT and bus. They are used for first and last-mile commutes and leisure riding on the weekends. Many bicycle shops in Singapore have started selling a variety of folding bicycles because of their growing popularity. Models like the Birdy Foldable bikes and CarryMe compact folding bikes are favourites amongst commuters.

It has become obvious that in times such as the Circuit Breaker we are now in, a reliable folding bicycle is necessary. Choosing one made by a reputable manufacturer will save you a lot of time and heartache in the future. It’s a worthy investment. Many Singaporeans have learned that during the Covid-19 pandemic. With bike shops only being able to offer online services, many have found it hard to get a bike mechanic. So any puncture, break or repair will stop them for riding for a while.

There are many folding bicycle brands available in Singapore. A lot of these models are cheap knockoffs of popular folding bike brands. So be careful when choosing a folding bicycle in Singapore. If you are looking for a reputable manufacturer that makes high quality folding bikes, Pacific Cycles bikes will be perfect for you!

History of Pacific Cycles

Pacific Cycles are one of the biggest bike manufacturers in the world who specialise in building folding bikes. They are based in Taiwan and manufacture popular folding bike brands, like the Birdy, IF Move, Reach and CarryMe. With over 40 years of experience, you can expect the best from them and purchase with confidence. They started back in 1980 in a small factory in Taiwan. Within two years they had produced over 100,000 Firenze brand bicycles with only Taiwanese made parts. In 1983 they became the manufacturers for the famous “Lotus” road bikes, which were distributed by Alpha Cycles in New York.

Pacific Cycles also revolutionised the industry when they made the AL7005 aluminium bike frame in 1985. This frame was a first of its kind in the bike industry. It was both lighter and more rust-resistant compared to traditional steel bike frames. To this day, a majority of their bicycles are built with AL7005 frames.

By 1993 Pacific Cycles had grown in size and popularity. They expanded their team and brought in engineers and designers from all over the world. They were working to find the next big thing in the bicycle industry. And in 1993, they found it when they met German engineers Markus Riese and Heiko Müller, the creators of Birdy foldable bikes.


The Birdy Folding Bike

Birdy performance folding bikes are a famous folding bike brand around the world. They were designed back in 1992 by Markus Riese and Heiko Müller, two German engineering students. The duo were avid bike enthusiasts and enjoyed going on bike tours together. It was during one of these tours that they realised their regular bikes did not provide a lot of support on rough terrain. 

They set out to design and build their own bicycle to solve this problem. In 1993, they designed and built the first full-suspension folding bike, which the two called the Birdy. This Birdy prototype won them the Hesse Innovation Prize in 1993. This win fueled Riese and Müller to find a manufacturer for their Birdy performance foldable bikes. 

In 1994, Riese & Müller partnered with Pacific Cycles to build the first Generation of Birdy foldable bikes. The first generation Birdy performance bikes had a tubular single-piece aluminium frame. They were designed with front and rear suspension and could fold down to a compact size. The Birdy performance folding bikes stood out because of their unique design and high-performance capabilities. Cyclists who wanted a folding bike flocked to the Birdy, and soon it became one of the most popular bike brands out there. 

Currently, the Birdy bikes are on their third iteration. The New Birdy Gen 3 models have a redesigned mainframe that is more rigid and flexes less. The single weld Birdy Monocoque frame increases rigidity while making the bike even more compact when folded. The Birdy bikes can be folded in less than 15 seconds plus can roll, unlike some other folding bikes. 

There are five different Birdy bike models available. Whether it be leisure, commuting, trail riding or touring, there is a Birdy folding bike that will fit any riders needs.


Birdy New Classic Foldable Bike

The Birdy New Classic is the perfect entry-level Birdy bike for cyclists. Those who are looking for a commuter bike or leisure riding will fall in love with this model. Its retro tubular frame is a romantic throwback to the first Generation Birdy models. 

The Birdy New Classic boasts a redesigned oversized mainframe that provides better rigidity, internal cable routing for a sleeker look and feel. It has an 8 speeds Shimano Acera derailleur, Tektro V brakes, sturdy 18” CST tyres and full suspension. 


Birdy City Folding Bike

The Birdy City shows off the flexibility, comfort and style that has become synonymous with the Birdy brand. It is perfect for daily commuting and riding at parks, park connectors and by the beach. 

The Birdy Monocoque frame is fitted with 18” CST tyres to give the rider an ultra-smooth and comfortable ride. The 9 speeds Shimano Sora derailleur and trigger shifter provide smooth shifting through gears, even when going upslope. 


Birdy GT Foldable Bike

The Birdy GT is for the adventurous riders. If you’re looking for a folding bike to take on light trail riding, the GT is a good option. Its stand out features are its 18” Schwalbe Black Jack tyres. They are thicker than regular folding bike tyres and have knobby threading for better grip off-road. 

The Birdy GT is also the only Birdy bike with hydraulic actuated disc brakes. The Juin Tech disc brakes provide quick and safe braking, giving added control on rough paths. The GT comes with a 10 speeds Sram X5-A1 derailleur and right side trigger shifter for smooth and responsive shifting of gears.


Birdy R20 Folding Bike

The new speedster on the block and the latest Birdy model is the R20. It is designed to be faster than its predecessors, the Birdy Racing, and is the only model with 20” tyres. The Birdy R20 comes with slick, smooth and thin 20” Panaracer tyres which reduce contact with the road. These tyres make the R20 glide along at fast speeds when cycling on long stretches of roads.

The Birdy R20 has the latest 11 speeds Shimano 105 derailleur set. The derailleur gives improved shifting and feels even smoother than the older group set on the old Racing model. The new and improved Hubsmith wheelset offers additional speed when pedalling at higher gears.


Birdy Rohloff Foldable Bike

The Birdy Rohloff is the King of the Birdy bikes. It is fitted with the most premium of parts and is made for long-distance touring. The crown jewel of the Birdy Rohloff is its 14 speeds sealed aluminium SPEEDHUB. The hub is simple to maintain and feels smooth when shifting through the gears as you are riding.

When riding on roads, the sturdy monocoque frame coupled with the resilient touring tyres provides a very smooth ride. The Schwalbe Marathon Racer tyres are for fast riding across long distances. They can last longer, so don’t worry about them wearing out quickly.

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