Bringing your Birdy onto Public Transport

Over the years, you may have seen more people bringing their foldable bikes onto the MRT trains and buses for their commute convenience. Being so compact and portable, foldable bikes are not a hassle for cyclists to bring onto public transport. Even for Mighty Velo’s own staff, we take our Birdy performance foldable bikes onto trains when we head out for photoshoots to different locations across Singapore as it is so easy and convenient to bring around. However, have you ever wondered how all of these are possible?

You can bring your Birdy performance foldable bikes onto our MRT trains.

How did the scheme of allowing foldable bikes on public transport begin?

Mighty Velo sent the Land Transport Authority a proposal to allow foldable bikes into public transport in Singapore after bringing up the difficulties they had faced while taking the trains and buses with their bikes in the Transport Minister in a Land Transport Forum in 2006. In 2007 and 2008, a six-month trial for commuters to bring their foldable bikes onto public transport during off-peak hours was then held to test the viability, and also to encourage more people to adopt active mobility. A permanent scheme of allowing foldable bikes and other personal mobile devices (PMDs) onto our MRT trains and buses was then implemented in 2017.

Reasons why the scheme was implemented

The government supported the idea of allowing commuters to carry their foldable bikes onto public transport. As there are places that are still not directly accessible by MRT or buses, it provided passengers with an alternative option for their first and last commute. Tying in with the government’s vision of a car-lite society, they encourage more people to use bicycles as a mode of transportation.

This is a size checker (visual aid) that is available at all MRT stations for you to check whether your foldable bike meets the size requirements.

Rules to follow when bringing your foldable bikes onto public transport

  1. The maximum size of foldable bikes or other PMDs allowed on board public transport is 120cm by 70cm by 40cm when folded. If the foldable bikes or PMDs exceed the maximum size, they will not be allowed for the safety and comfort of other passengers. P.S. You will be able to bring our Birdy performance foldable bikes on board public transport!
  2. Foldable bikes or other PMDs must be folded at all times, and have to be carried or pushed within MRT stations, bus interchanges, trains and buses for the safety of other commuters. 
  3. If your bikes’ wheels are wet or dirty, they must be either cleaned or wrapped up before being brought in. 
  4. If there are any protruding parts that may cause injury or damage property (eg. bicycle pedals), they must be retracted or covered up. 

If you fail to comply with these rules, station staff and bus captains will stop you from boarding or you may result in facing a fine of S$500.

You can bring your Birdy performance foldable bikes onto our public buses with no problem.

Rules to follow when bringing your foldable bikes onto buses

Due to the limited space available on buses, only one foldable bike or PMD is allowed on a bus at any one time because multiple foldable bikes may inconvenience other commuters, especially during peak hours. You are also not allowed to bring them onto the upper deck of a bus or on the staircase leading to the upper deck. 

You are encouraged to use the cabins near the front or end of the train where there is less crowd.

Be a considerate commuter

Wherever we go, we have to be considerate of others and be aware of our surroundings. If you are bringing your Birdy performance foldable bikes onto public transport, you should carry or hold your foldable bikes close to you to ensure they do not obstruct the aisles, doors or impede other commuters’ movements. Please use the wide gantry gates if you are carrying your Birdy performance foldable bike. As it is more spacious, the sides of the gate will not scratch your foldable bike as you walk through. 

When travelling on MRT trains, you are encouraged to use the cabins nearer to the front or end of the train as it will most likely be less crowded and will not obstruct other commuters’ ways. If the train is crowded, you may want to wait for the next train. 

The Birdy performance foldable bike is compact and portable, making it easy to bring around even on public transport.

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