Cycling and Keeping Fit with a Birdy

With Singaporeans now staying at home during the Circuit Breaker period, many are looking for ways to stay fit. Gyms, stadiums and other work-out spots are now closed due to Covid-19. Mass gatherings are also prohibited, so Zumba, Yoga and other group-based activities have also been suspended. This leaves many with very few options to choose from. Some have restored to getting gym equipment to use at home. But with the whole family staying indoors during the Circuit Breaker, it might be hard to workout in the house. If you are looking for a way to stay fit during this period we have a solution for you, Cycling!

Cycling in Singapore is a favourite past time of many Singaporeans. Most own a bike or, at the very least, know how to cycle. Getting a bicycle in Singapore is relatively easy too, even during the Circuit Breaker period. Bicycle shops in Singapore provide online services so ordering one of their store page is easy! Plus bike servicing has been considered an essential service, so you won’t need to worry about repair and servicing issues.

Health Benefits of Cycling

There are many benefits when it comes to cycling as well. Research studies conducted in the UK have shown that cycling helps build immunity. An organ called the thymus, which makes immune cells called T-cells usually starts to shrink from the age of 20. But the thymuses of older cyclists were found to be generating as many T-cells as those of young adults. 

Cycling is also a low impact exercise. So you won’t need to worry about getting injured often or severely when you’re out riding. This is an important point during the Circuit Breaker as medical staff are already very occupied with Covid-19 patients. Taking part in exercises that will reduce the risk of injury is best for everyone.

Measures when Cycling during Circuit Breaker

Those who are planning to take up cycling should also take note of a few important practices to follow during these times. Cycling is a sport that heavily reduces contact with others, but these are precautions you should still follow. 

Before you head out, plan your route. Pick a route that is less crowded and is the fastest to your destination. You can use Nparks SafeDistances@Parks map to see which are the heavily populated areas to avoid. 

As far as possible, ride solo. It is encouraged that cyclists go out cycling on their own during this time. If you need to ride with someone, do so with a family member who is living with you. Do not meet your friends to go for group rides. Practice social distancing even when you’re riding alone. When you are cycling and encounter another rider, maintain a 20m distance between yourselves.

So now that you are more informed about how you can stay activity through cycling, you might be wondering where you can get a bike. Look no further than Mighty Velo. We have specialised in folding bikes for over 15 years and are the official distributor for Pacific Cycles in South East Asia. If you’re looking for a folding bike to ride during the Circuit Breaker, you should get a Birdy bike from us.

Birdy GT

There are 5 different Birdy models so you will be spoiled for choices. Each model is suited for a specific type of riding on top of being commuter-friendly. If you’re a cyclist who wants to ride by nature, the Birdy GT is the Birdy bike for you. It is designed for off-road and trail riding. The stand out feature is the thick, knobby 18” Schwalbe Black Jack tyres. These tyres are treaded and provide extra grip when on uneven and rough terrain.

The Birdy GT is also the only Birdy model that has hydraulic actuated disc brakes. The Juin Tech disc brakes equipped to it provide fast and responsive braking power. This allows the rider to bring the GT to a halt when they need to. The Birdy GT comes fitted with a 10 speeds Sram X5-A1 derailleur. This allows for quick shifts on uneven terrain where you can’t keep a constant speed.

The tyres and brakes combine with iconic Birdy Gen 3 monocoque frame to provide extra comfort and stability when off-road. The Birdy Monocoque frame is made out of a single welded piece of aluminium. This makes the frame stiff and rigid, giving little flex when riding. 

If you want to explore the wild side of Singapore the Birdy GT is perfect. You can take it for a solo ride at Coney Island! Take in the sights of nature while enjoying the beachside breeze. The gravel roads will be easy to ride on as the full suspension system on the GT will keep things smooth.

Birdy Rohloff

Now if you’re looking for something for longer rides, the Rohloff is the model for you. The Birdy Rohloff is a 14 speeds touring model, made to cover long distances and for bike tour enthusiasts. It is fitted with high grade, premium parts that put it in its own league. The crown jewel of the Birdy Rohloff is the sealed aluminium Rohloff Speedhub.

The Rohloff Speedhub is a full aluminium hub which encases the gearings of the bike inside it. It keeps these gears safe from harsh weather conditions and from getting dirty. The hub is so secure that it requires little to no maintenance, only needing an oil change once a year. The Speedhub also allows for stationary gear shifting. This means that the rider can shift between gears when he’s not pedalling. 

The Birdy Rohloff is also fitted with tough 18” Marathon Racer tyres. They combine. with the single weld monocoque frame for maximum comfort when riding. They are also very sturdy and can withstand constant, long-distance rides without the treads wearing out.

Birdy New Classic

If you are a cyclist who is looking for an entry-level Birdy model, the New Classic is best suited for you. It comes fitted with 8 speeds Shimano Acera derailleur, 18” CST tyres and has full suspension. Perfect for leisure rides at the nearby park when you want to get some exercise.

Getting a bike

Did you know that while everyone in your family may become cooped up at home together, the house will feel more cramped and crowded? Now with a foldable bike, it will save space for you when it gets stored at home. Small and compact, a good folding bike such as the Birdy performance foldable bike or the CarryMe foldable bike will take up little floor space at home. You can even roll the folded CarryMe or Birdy into public transport to take a train back or when it rains and you have to stop riding.

During this circuit breaker period, like other retail stores, Mighty Velo’s retail store is also closed till 1 June or when the circuit breaker ends.

Mighty Velo’s online bike store is still open for business during this circuit breaker period. Mighty Velo is the official distributor for Pacific Cycles in Southeast Asia. Our mechanics have been trained at the Pacific Cycles HQ in Taichung, Taiwan and they are skilled to build Birdy bikes at the store and carry out proper maintenance and repair work on Pacific Cycles bicycles. Every bicycle comes with a two-year frame warranty and a one-year warranty on parts.

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