Why Should You Get A Bike Now & Not Wait Indefinitely Till Phase 2?


With the Circuit Breaker having ended, most Singaporeans are rejoicing over their long-awaited freedom. However, the end of Circuit Breaker doesn’t mean we can finally head out, shop and have social gatherings. To prevent the risk of resurgence in community transmissions, Singapore will be reopening up in 3 phases. In phase 1, only 1/3 of the working population will be going back to their companies for work, while the remaining 2/3 will continue working from home. Retail stores can only open in phase 2, which also means Mighty Velo will remain close in phase 1.

Working from home is now the new normal. As Singapore approaches phase 1 with caution, the existing restrictions will continue, and phase 1 is expected to last for 4 weeks, or even longer. Only when all goes well, then will Singapore move into phase 2, which could spread over several months. Instead of waiting indefinitely for phase 2 to start, why not buy your bike now? Here are a few reasons to change your mind.

Get Fit, Stay Healthy

Working from home and staying indoors over a long period of time can make one feel stressful and claustrophobic. Consider heading out with a bike to take in some Vitamin D. Vitamin D is a key player in building bones, making and maintaining muscle, and revving metabolism.

Riding a bike is not only fun but also an excellent form of aerobic exercise. A regular routine of 30 minutes a day can help you with weight loss and keep you in shape. With Covid-19 raging worldwide now, it is important for us to remain healthy and cycling is one of the few ways that you can exercise solo now. Research has shown that moderate exercises make immune cells more active so that there are able to fight off infections. On top of that, cycling also helps to reduce the risk of serious health complications, such as cancer and heart diseases.

Studies have also shown that those who report high levels of activity in their daily lives have a significantly lower risk of depression. The therapeutic use of cycling to treat depression has shown to be effective, without the adverse side effects of pharmaceutical use. In addition, cycling helps improve overall mood and mental health, lowering one’s stress levels. 

Save the Environment

You might have noticed some stunning sunsets in Singapore over the past month. This improvement in air quality is probably due to a reduction in transportation and the slowing down of industrial activities. However, experts mention appreciating while it lasts as we will soon see the worsening of water and air pollution when the economy reopens.

It’s no secret that motor vehicles’ immense carbon emissions are bad for the environment. Not only does riding a bike saves our environment from more pollution, but bicycles also have a tiny footprint as compared to cars, buses and trains. When we are cycling, we also do not emit greenhouse gases. According to the Environment Protection Agency of the United States, a passenger vehicle emits about 4.6 metric tons of carbon dioxide in a year. When you switch to cycling for transportation, you can, on average, reduce carbon emission by almost 5 metric tons a year. With fewer cars on the road, you will definitely notice a reduction in noise pollution and congestion!

Saving Money

During a time like this where you should minimise social interaction as much as possible, commuting by bike is the way to go. You can save a fortune on gas and bus fares. A short trip to the nearby supermarket via bus can easily cost you $2. Whereas if you’re riding a bike, you can save on that bus fare, and all of the money can add up to pretty significant savings.

Riding a bike to work instead of driving has shown to increase overall productivity by 15 percent as it gets your brain going and reduces stress levels before the day even begins. If you belong to the 1/3 of Singapore’s working population that will be going back to work in the community, you can definitely consider riding a bike to start your day off. This also allows you to save on that transportation money. Fret not if you belong to the 2/3 who will be working from home. With lesser time spent on travelling to your offices now, you can now take the time to go for a spin around your neighbourhood to kickstart a productive day.

Driving out in your car, even for a short trip, can wear down your tyres and your brakes. For bikes, while you do need some maintenance as well, bike parts are generally cheaper. Looking for a bike shop that offers you greatly after-sale service can also save you money when you need someone to maintain your bike.

Mighty Velo – The Folding Bike Specialist

Mighty Velo is the official distributor for Birdy bikes in Singapore and Southeast Asia. We are also the only distributor in SouthEast Asia that offer you 17 Birdy Frame colours for you to choose from. Upon your order online, all the bikes are built from the ground. We also strive to offer you excellent after-sale service whenever you need help with your bike.

As we will soon enter phase 1 of Singapore’s reopening, there is no definite date as to when our retail store will be able to open. Do not wait any longer to start your riding routine. Visit us on www.birdybicycle.com to get your hands on our bikes. If you have any enquiries, feel free to drop us a message on our Facebook, Carousell, Instagram, or email us at hello@mightyvelo.com. Till then, stay safe and stay healthy!